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Radiator Products

We always make sure that our customers are totally satisfied with our radiator products irrespective of the kind of vehicle used by the customer.

Our professional staff and well trained technicians will support and assist you not only until buying the radiator and radiator related products but also assist you in installing/replacing it.

Radiator House is well capable of recoring radiators, fixing them back to normal and fabricating radiators that are rare to find in the market.

These are some of the radiators and radiator related products available at Radiator House in Sri Lanka and Maldives ;

tick1f4 Auto Radiators

tick1f4 Non Auto (Generator) Radiators

tick1f4 Heat Exchangers

tick1f4 Oil Coolers

tick1f4 Radiator Hoses

tick1f4 Radiator Plastic Tanks

tick1f4 Radiator Fan Sets

tick1f4 Radiator Coolants

tick1f4 Radiator Caps

Radiator House offer following radiators and related products in Sri Lanka and Maldives. If you need further clarification or more details, call us on 0773 055 185


Auto Radiators


Non Auto (Generator) Radiators


Heat Exchangers


Oil Coolers


Radiator Hoses


Radiator Plastic Tanks


Radiator Fan Sets



Radiator Coolants


Radiator Caps